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Singer Dusty Springfield interviewed the Beatles on their first-ever appearance on the British television program 'Ready Steady Go!' on October 4th 1963. As part of this appearance, the Beatles also performed 'Twist And Shout', 'I'll Get You' and 'She Loves You'.

Ready Steady Go! was one of the first teenage-pop television shows in Britain. At the time of this particular appearance, the program was still in its first season. Early episodes of the program featured Springfield as the interviewer and presenter. Ready Steady Go! was on the air for just four seasons from 1963-1966 and featured the biggest names of the day, also including the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, The Who, and Van Morrison to name but a few.

Dusty Springfield had a respectable career of her own that was just getting off the ground in late 1963. Springfield's recording of the song 'I Only Want To Be With You' went gold in Britain. Her string of pop hits continued into the mid-sixties, hitting the charts in the UK as well as the United States and beyond.

As a bit of trivia, Michael Lindsay-Hogg who directed the Beatles final movie 'Let It Be' was also one of the directors for the Ready Steady Go! program.

Ready Steady Go! was produced by Rediffusion Television for ITV.

                                          - Jay Spangler,

DUSTY: "Paul, I've got some questions to ask you here. Please could you tell me the name of your racing greyhound?"

PAUL: "Uhh, I haven't got one, actually."

DUSTY: "You haven't?"

PAUL: "No. Well, a girl sent in a letter to me, and she said, 'Would you like a gra... a gracing rayhound!' And I said 'Yeah!' but she hasn't sent it yet."

DUSTY: "She hasn't? Awww."

CROWD: (in exaggerated sympathy) "Awwww!!"

DUSTY: "I'm sure she loves you."

PAUL: "She hasnt sent it yet, but I hope she does though."

DUSTY: "Is it true you sleep with you eyes open?"

PAUL: "Umm, well you know, I haven't seen myself do it..."


PAUL: "But actually, the fellas say that I do. They've, sort of, seen me sleeping with my eyes open."

DUSTY: "How can you do that?"

PAUL: "I don't know, you know... just sort of half open."

DUSTY: "You're just clever... you're just Brilliant, Paul."

(crowd giggles)

DUSTY: (reading) "Please ask Paul if he plucks his well-shaped eyebrows."


PAUL: "Umm, no."

DUSTY: "You don't. It doesn't look so. You're absolutely beautiful. Paul, do you mind girls screaming all through your act?"

PAUL: "Uhh, no. We like 'em screaming, generally, all of us. But it's a bit much all the way through. But we love 'em screaming."

JOHN: (comically) "Hear, hear!"

(the girls cheer and applaud in approval)

DUSTY: (turning to John) "This is a question which you've been asked a thousand times before but you always, all of you, give different versions or different answers. So you've got to tell me now... How did the Beatles get their name?"

JOHN: "I just thought of it." (comically proud facial expression)

(crowd cheers)

DUSTY: "Were they called anything else before?"

JOHN: "They were called the Quarrymen." (comically giggles)

DUSTY: "You rugged character! ...Oh John, listen. (reading) Do you have false teeth, as they always look so even?"

JOHN: "No! (scratches front teeth with fingernail) They're all chipped and battered."


DUSTY: "Girls, would you say his teeth were chipped and battered?"

CROWD: (in unison) "NO!"

JOHN: "No, they're real."

DUSTY: "Is it true that, when you were a kid, you were shot at for stealing apples?"

JOHN: "Yeah."


DUSTY: (gesturing to the side of his face) "Is that what these beautiful marks are?"

JOHN: "No, they're scabs."


DUSTY: "There's nothing there at all, really. He's got a quite beautiful complexion."

JOHN: (suggestively, joking with Dusty) "Let me see YOUR scabs!"

PAUL: (objecting comically) "HEY!"


Source: Transcribed by from video copy of archived program

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